Bi-directional transfer of RTU Toilet Chemical Anti-freeze.


The maintenance shop at our large Railroad customer’s facility receives RTU Toilet Chemical Anti-freeze in 275 gallon IBC Tote containers.  The shop personnel were placing the tote on top of several pallets in order to create a gravity feed system.  The chemical was gravity fed into 5 gallon buckets, and then carried up into the cab/Lavatory of the locomotive and  poured into the locomotive lavatory.  This process was messy (spills were frequent), labor intensive, and highly imprecise.


STI-Supply developed a cart system that is able to suction out of the tote, into an onboard holding tank, and then dispense the product into the Lav, using a common electric pump and spring retracted hose reel.  This solution improves efficiency and safety, and the house keeping benefit is significant.