My hose reel doesn’t retract like it used to. Do I need to replace it?

No.  With use, the drive spring on a hose reel can relax. Symptoms of this condition include slower than usual retraction and/or incomplete retraction (the hose won’t retract all the way). To remedy this condition, you can increase the drive spring tension by adding “hose wraps.” Call us and we’ll describe the process and/or email […]

What ratio should I choose when purchasing an oil pump.

First, let’s define pump ratio.  Pump ratio represents the effective area of the air motor piston when compared to the effective area of the fluid piston on a reciprocating, piston pump (the type that we commonly sell for oil, grease, gear lube, ATF, etc). For example, on a 5 to 1 (commonly depicted as 5:1) […]

What should the air pressure be on my pneumatic pump?

There isn’t a hard and fast rule for setting the air regulator pressure on your pneumatic pump (regardless of the product being pumped-oil, grease, coolant, etc). Instead, set the air pressure such that your furthest dispense point is getting adequate fluid pressure and flow rate, while your closest dispense point isn’t excessively pressurized.  If you […]