10:1 Ram Stub Pump


10:1 stationary RAM stub pump includes bung adapter, 3.5 gal deliv

Product details

  • Universal or Stub Length-Attach the suction tube of your choice
  • 3/8” Material outlet, ¼” air inlet
  • 3” Air Motor, 10:1 Ratio
  • 1500 psi maximum fluid outlet pressure
  • 3.5 gallons per minute, maximum free flow
  • Includes 326750-E1 Bung Adapter
  • 14 lbs


Alemite 10:1 Ratio Pneumatic Ram Oil Pump. Universal or Stub length, so it can be used in any sized container. If suction tube will be longer than 60” use 321206 low level cut off/check valve to avoid loss of prime. The 10:1 ratio provides double the fluid pressure of the 5:1 ratio pumps, but half the volume at the same pump speed, so it will push light lubricants up to 300’ with through 1” I.D. pipe or tubing. Call us for proper application.