1:1 Ram Fluid Evac


1:1 Ratio Ram Pump for high volume fluid evac, 20 gpm

Product details

  • 4 ball design for efficient, high volume fluid delivery
  • Up to 20 gallons per minute free flow delivery
  • 1” fluid outlet, 1/4:” air inlet
  • Use for any light lubricant, both fresh and waste


Alemite 9920 Pneumatic fluid evacuation/transfer pump consists of an air-operated motor and a four-ball check valve pump. The four-ball design allows the pump to deliver fluid on both strokes of the piston. This low-pressure pump (1:1 ratio) is designed to transfer all petroleum-based fluids, including waste oil, automatic transmission fluid, diesel fuel, and kerosene at a delivery rate of 20 gallons per minute. The pump is equipped with a bracket for mounting to walls or directly onto bulk tanks. It operates mounted in any direction. The fluid inlet and outlet can be set to either side. This pump features a 1/4″ air inlet, a 1″ NPTF (f) material inlet, and a 1″ NPTF (f) material outlet. It is recommended for piped installations of short to moderate length. The pump assembly weighs 18 lb.