Mobile Air Compressors

For mobile air applications, I recommend the under-hood rotary screw type.  These are manufactured by VMAC, and they offer many advantages over the tow behind, and/or the stand alone type of mobile air compressor.  Here are some examples: 1) If your truck starts and runs, you have air.  No ups, no downs, no extras. 2) […]

Shop Air Compressors

For reciprocating air compressors (the type you’re likely to have in your shop) you want to use a non-detergent, straight weight oil.  This can be either synthetic (Amsoil makes an excellent 30/40 wgt., non-detergent compressor oil) or organic. For organic, look for S.A.E. 30 weight, non-detergent.  The reason is that reciprocating compressors are splash lubricated, […]