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Whether you’re a distributor, DIYer, or automotive professional, you know that not every project goes smoothly. No matter how experienced you are, you might come across an issue you’ve never seen before, or experience a problem requiring specialized tools that aren’t widely available. Whether you have questions about tools, equipment or parts, we’re here to make your job easier with our Tech Tips, Ask the Experts, and FAQs.

We know tools, and we know automotive systems. By talking to thousands of customers and working on thousands of vehicles, we’ve collectively gained a lot of knowledge over the years. That’s why we’re sharing the tips, tricks, and information we’ve learned right here. We tackle everything from common industry issues to the toughest one-of-a-kind obstacles.

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Find answers to your toughest questions. Browse through past Qs and As to find out how we’ve helped people solve their automotive problems. And if you’re having trouble solving an issue of your own, we’re here to help—just send us your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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How quickly do you ship?

We stock thousands of items, and if your item is in stock, it will ship the same day if we receive your order by 1:00 pm CST.  If we have to drop ship the item, it might take a day or two to ship from the factory.

Can I return the product for a refund?

Yes, provided it is an unopened box, and you pay the return shipping.

What is your product warranty?

We follow the manufacturer’s warranty, which varies from product to product.  It’s best to submit the warranty registration card that comes with your product.  That way, if you have issues down the road, there isn’t any question as to purchase date, etc.

Do you service what you sell?

For most of our products, Yes.  There are exceptions.  Give us a call.

I see that STI Supply is in Illinois. Can you recommend a good Lube installer in Oklahoma?

Yes, we have a nationwide network of certified installers for Lubrication equipment, Vehicle lifts, air compressors, etc.  Give us a call.

Can you design and build one off fluid handling solutions?

Yes.  This is an especial area of expertise for us-we’ve been doing it for 30 years. If you have a unique application, give us a call.  Whether it’s a unique metering application, a difficult dispense application, a custom tank requirement… we can help.